Maybelline Color Show Gilded Rose

April 9, 2014

Glitter time! I have recently realized that I love rose gold.

Color Show Gilded Rose

Color Show Gilded Rose

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! It “covers” in two coats and dries very quickly. I say “covers” because the base is heavy with gold glass fleck, which means that light shines through the flecks at certain angles and shows up at most angles as bright gold. (That also makes it difficult to photograph.)

The rumors that it chips easily are true. It comes off in huge chunks within a day or so.

Because of the fantastic color and quick dry time, it’s easy to throw this on before a dinner date, sans topcoat. When it comes time to remove though… UGH GLITTER. I might try some of that OPI glitter base. If I do, I’ll let you know!

So much this

March 15, 2014

Weeknight Dinners

March 10, 2014

Cooking when you don’t feel like cooking sucks. Nothing sounded good tonight, and the fridge isn’t exactly stocked, so I made pesto, which didn’t suck, because the whole thing took 20 minutes.

packed up for lunch

packed up for lunch

I had some curly kale from my most recent CSA delivery, so I put some of that under my pasta and called it a night. (After packing up the leftovers for lunch, of course!)

Pesto Ingredients:

6-8 large basil leaves

1/3 cup toasted pine nuts

1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 clove garlic (or more, to taste)

olive oil

I combined all ingredients except the olive oil in the food processor and pulsed until chopped small. I then added olive oil until it was the consistency I like. Bam! Pesto. Make sure to taste it to see if it needs salt or  more garlic.

I put a pot of lightly salted water on the stove and set it to boil. Once I saw bubbles, I threw in washed and chopped kale and let that cook until bright green but tender. I pulled the greens out with tongs and put the pasta in the same water to cook. Once the pasta was tender, I drained it, stirred in the pesto, and added diced ricotta salata – a cheese I’m adding to everything these days. Feta cheese would also be lovely, and if I’d had some cherry tomatoes around? HEAVEN.

Making pesto is definitely one of the those comforting things I do when I have only a smattering of ingredients. It’s especially nice that I don’t always have to use basil or 100% basil. I’ve added kale, spinach, and arugula  to the basil to stretch out the pesto without anyone really noticing much difference in taste. I’ve also made it with all arugula, which was delicious. (Mental note: buy more arugula seeds.) Once I get my Italian parsley plant up and roaring, I think I’ll try an all-parsley version. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stuff I Ate

March 10, 2014



I kinda stopped shopping for nail polish. I guess I felt like I had good representation of the colors that I wanted, so I just kept wearing the colors I already have (approximately *cough* 100 bottles…)

I did, however, keep taking pictures of food, so there’s that. They aren’t necessarily good pictures, fair warning, but they are numerous.

Feeding ourselves is a different sort of hobby. I try to keep up with whatever new ideas on nutrition come about, but don’t you feel like a nutrition claim is no sooner made than refuted?

BUT: There are few food tenets that I have held onto:

1. Whole foods are best, whenever possible.

2. A variety of foods is best, whenever possible.

3. Dude, you deserve the best.

To elaborate on #3, I ask you to peruse Sad Desk Lunch. When I find myself eating food like that, it’s not usually because I’m like, so busy. It’s because I’m not taking care of myself. But we all deserve care, so I’ve resolved to enjoy food, life, and lunch breaks as much as possible.

I also bought a (very easily chipped) new polish. I guess I’m into glitter now? More on that if I can get it accurately photographed.

Lappert's so-called Spumoni

Lappert’s so-called Spumoni

Essie Chubby Cheeks

August 8, 2012

This is my favorite summer color this year, Essie Chubby Cheeks:

Full sun

It’s a creamy jelly or a jelly-ish cream. You can see plenty of VNL at two coats here, but I still love it. Different lighting will shift the color toward pink, but it always looks yummy.  <3

Quick bites

April 18, 2012

Ginger Fried Rice from Smitten Kitchen


Lunch today! I followed the recipe exactly and had this done in 30 minutes before my study sesh. ;)


Green Smoothie Recipe

April 13, 2012

Okay folks, you may have heard about the green smoothie craze. I don’t know who started it, but it’s popular among raw food vegans, which may give omnivores pause. Don’t worry! This thing actually tastes good and it sure helps to clean out the fridge.

Fresh Ginger Green

This sweet baby has a little ginger kick to it!

Ginger Green Smoothie:

1 cup baby spinach

1 cup orange juice

juice of 1/2 lemon

1/4 inch knob of fresh ginger, peeled

1/2 cup plain or fruity frozen yogurt

Combine and blend until smooth and frothy. For more froth (and cold) add ice.

Do you have some wilty fruit in the fridge? Toss that in. Red berries will change the color of the drink, but it’ll still taste good. This ratio of baby spinach to other stuff does not taste like spinach at all to me, and I pair it with a tall cup of green tea for an afternoon pick me up.

If that’s not enough greens for you, try this next one:

Banana Green Smoothie (also good for beginners!)

1 medium banana

2 cups spinach

1/2 cup greek nonfat yogurt

1/2 berries (good frozen! Chills the drink and they’re ripe out of season.)

Blend until thick and smooth.

This one is good for using up really ripe bananas; it usually means you won’t have to add sweetener. I have this one instead of a meal since it tends to be thicker.

Experiment with your own! People report using all kinds of greens (kale, chard, collard, “adult” spinach) but I prefer to eat those for dinner since they have more tooth than baby spinach. Also, the one time I used regular spinach in a smoothie even banana couldn’t cover the taste.


That’s it for now! So many life changes, you don’t even know. I will be trying to get back into blogging since I have lots of homework to procrastinate on. I expect to get you recipes, garden pictures, perhaps a few dog photos and maybe some diy. Oh, nail polish? If I pick up a new one. Not only have I moved far away from my usual convenient nail polish retailers, I have just been loving to wear the collection I have!  I know, crazy.  Good night and good luck!

Essie Rock the Croc

November 28, 2011

I’ve been lemming this Essie ever since kittytokaren’s hunt for the perfect red. On to the photo:




My photo is nothing compared to hers, please go click that link. This is a brown-toned jelly red that glows. Can something glow darkly? I think this does. It’s extremely glossy and a pain to apply, but so so worth it. I like this one so much that I’m having a hard time putting on anything else.


On the other hand, jellies seem to have to shortest wear time on me. Wear time is like this: Good glitters>Cremes>chippy glitters>jellies. Anyone else?


China Glaze For Audrey

November 26, 2011

China Glaze produced this lovely Tiffany-inspired blue and called it For Audrey (as in Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s) I picked it up since it seems to be a staple.




Scrangie says it’s one of her favorite teals and it certainly looks lovely on her. On me? I don’t think it’s too flattering. It probably doesn’t help that the formula was a little gummy. What do you think? Is it just too stark for me?

Happy Post-Turkey Day!

November 25, 2011

America’s Thanksgiving was yesterday and I had a great one. (Did you know Canada’s Thanksgiving is in October?)


I turned these:

Rome Beauty & Jonathan apples


into this thing:




It was hard to get pictures since November is reliably gloomy and cold. Most delicious holiday of the year! I hope you have a great weekend!


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