Origin Story

Hello, world!

Why am I starting a blog?

To keep myself amused, I guess.

About my interests:

nail polish:

Really I’m justifying my recent purchases by taking pictures of them.  I’m buying this for the blog, you see.


I like the chemical high that results when I stagger out a couple miles.  I still won’t do it unless I get to use Runkeeper, though.


I planted a few herbs and tomato plants a couple of summers ago.  Herbs are completely worth it, see cooking.  Other plants?  Jury’s out.


Having fresh herbs right outside my door inspired me to cook with them.  Delicious dishes!  How delightful.  Really though, I like to pursue my personal idea of the perfect version of a dish – look for recipes and links to recipes to come.


It’s hard to type because my mutt is resting her head on my left arm.  Do I move her?  Obviously not.  I have no willpower.


In my opinion, my eyesight is terrible because I read so much.  Not that I’ll stop.  And yes, I was that kid who enjoyed the assigned reading in school.  Usually.

Enough ramble!


Helloooo world

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