Revlon Gray Suede

I want to get into the taupe-y shade trend, I really do. But most of the grey ones look like a sickly purple on me, and I wanted a tiny bit of shimmer to offset the mannequin-hand effect. Along came Revlon Gray Suede:

full sun


While I think the shade works for the trend, I’m not sold on it yet. Not to mention this was three streaky, bubbly coats. I didn’t do anything to deserve those bubbles that I know of. I like the shimmer – tiny silver pieces. I didn’t like that either the topcoat darkened it or it dried with some pink patches. I don’t know why, but it hardly shows on camera.


dappled shade


And here’s something crazy – I didn’t use the slimline technique, but – does this polish make my nails look fat? Ugh, it just feels weird. I’m probably biased by the application, and the fact that I don’t like the bottle design, and also that I type “Revlong” nearly every time… maybe it’s time to say so long, Revlong… gah!


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