Mood Struck Color Change ooOOooo

I was obsessive about mood rings as a kid.  Actually, anything color-change.  I had a pretend tea set with little plastic cookies that “jam” magically appeared on when you rubbed them with a cold knife. Dip them in hot water and bam!  Clean.. cookies.  The tea cups that changed color were a bit more successful since they’re still selling them:

Playskool Magic Tea Party

Aheeenyway… Rite Aid had a nail polish sale and I picked up Mood Struck Heat Activated! Color Changing Nail Polish for half off. I promptly hid it in a drawer because I felt like a three-year-old for buying this thing. Once I swatched, however, look!  It is très awesome:

full sun, no topcoat

It dries matte and while the brush itself is okay, the screw top makes application tricky. It also really needs at least three coats. (Three shown.)  Notice that the tips are darker?  That’s where the free edge is cooler than the base of the nail. I really love the subtle gradient effect.

full sun, no topcoat, hot and cold

Now for the fun part – I pulled out the hair dryer and an ice cube to test the extremes of the color change. Index and middle turned into a bright light blue with heat, and the ring and pinky are the dark blue with, sadly, no hint of purple on me. I know that it goes all the way to purple when it gets really cold but my body temperature wouldn’t allow it. I next applied topcoat to see if that affected the color change:

full sun, with topcoat, hot!

No problems! I love this glittery blue.

full sun, topcoat, cold

I am sitting here trying to decide if I’ll wear it matte or shiny but I think for durability and wow factor I have to go for shiny. If I had to guess I would say that this is the best of the available shades, but I have a thing for blue glitters so I’m biased.


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