Mannequin toes?

Mannequin-hands: a term born of the popularity of taupes and other brown shades for makeup and nails. I admit it’s a pretty fun challenge to find the shade that makes you look like this:

pale plasticky hand of a mannequin

whoa, cuticles!

But I think I prefer more color for my hands.

Essie Sand Tropez is pretty close to my MH shade, so one of my favorite pedicures is Sand Tropez + shimmer. No, I’m not going to take a picture of my foot. My sister has an irrational foot hatred. Start here:

shade, 3 coats

Then add something sparkly. Here’s Confetti Dreamdate on my seldom-seen, much maligned, sad and square thumb:


Have you picked up any Confetti polishes yet? They are $1.99 (most of the time) and all of the ones I’ve tried so far have been awesome. I pop one layer of Dreamdate over everything if I’m feeling glittery.

And results:

full sun

The Goldspun Opal is a Sally Hansen Fire Opal “Nail Glaze” that I bought on a whim a million years ago.

bottle pic

Yes, I was a silly youth and bought this streaky duochrome in its opaque bottle. Okay, it’s streaky but I love it. It’s always flashing green and it really warms up the sand color. But about opaque bottles – they are misleading, see Milani Rad Purple for example. The Goldspun Opal isn’t really pink at all, it’s gold and green.

But I digress, try this neutral with depth for a summer pedi that goes with everything but doesn’t bore you from 5 feet (or more) away!


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