Blogs to Read: Polish or Perish

I think there are approximately a million reasons to read Polish or Perish, but the contributors would probably want me to cite my sources. So here’s some specifics:

-There are 7 contributors, and they all take great photos

-They’ve included a handy drop-down menu on the sidebar so you can search their archive

-They’ve also allowed you to sort by contributor, which is great if you want to see how a bunch of different polishes look on one person

-Because they have 7 contributors, they have a lot of variety.  Let me break this one down.

  • Nail lengths: as of this post, ilexica has the longest nails and Piff has the shortest, with the rest of the contributors in between
  • Skin tone: I love when Piff and kittytokaren talk about how a particular color is influenced by their skin tone – it has been highly educational to realize that my skin color will sometimes turn a grey to purple, just like kittytokaren describes. Piff makes very straightforward comments when she thinks a color doesn’t work for her.
  • Taste: While everyone likes polish, they don’t all gravitate toward the same colors, finishes, or brands. You’ll see pretty much everything – subtle sheers, neutrals, neons, holos, drugstore, designer – and if you like a contributor’s taste, the sidebar I mentioned makes it easy to read through her archive and duplicate her collection ;)
It’s great one-stop shopping put together by some brilliant people.

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