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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011

Here’s a quick shot of China Glaza Papaya Punch, a great Halloween orange (but also an all-time favorite for this lover of all things orange!)


indoor light


The formula isn’t great – mine feels really sticky/goopy. I do think it was opened and perhaps fooled with before I bought it because the bottle neck was messy with polish. But hey! I will deal to wear this orange.


Do you wear holiday-themed colors or nail art?



ShortNChic Miss Universe GIVEAWAY

October 29, 2011

Hey – Stephanie is feeling giving again – you could win a full set of OPI’s Miss Universe collection! Here’s a promo image:



But you should check out Stephanie’s blog or maybe Scrangie’s post on the subject for a real idea of these sparkly beauties. Deadline is Halloween, so enter soon!

Zoya Shawn

October 28, 2011

I didn’t just buy Yara and Neeka when I went on my Zoya spending spree. Shawn fell into my (online) shopping cart.

full sun

Isn’t that a soothing green? I had thought that Shawn was a brighter green, but on my skin it’s pretty dark. It reminds me of billiard balls.  I don’t know why. It’s just a smooth, creamy green. This is two coats.

Here’s a huge and gratuitous picture with a wild violet leaf:

Wild Violet!

Does it seem like I have a lot of green polishes?

Zoya Yara

October 25, 2011

Of Zoya’s collections, Smoke and Mirrors is definitely my favorite. I would buy them all if I had both unlimited funds and unlimited, self-organizing storage… but that’s another story. The MUST-have for me was Yara. Olive green with gold flecks, it’s interesting without being flashy.


Click the pic to view sparklies bigger

Yeeah. Two coats, easy application. Really easy. I am so in love with the gold speckles and the formula that I’m really glad I threw Neeka in my cart as well…

Zoya Casey

October 21, 2011


Zoya had a BOGO sale for “email insiders” or whatever they call them, and I used the excuse to pick up the famous vampy, Casey.


I seriously love the color and the jelly finish, but it’s pretty streaky at two coats:



But the color! So purply-jelly-delicious! The streaks didn’t bother me that much. I wore it like this for two days (hence tipwear) and hastily took pictures while the sun laughed at me and faded away…


another view


Haha sun. I managed to throw on another coat and do a jelly sandwich. Index and ring are the jelly sandwich (a coat of Confetti Dreamdate between two coats of Zoya Casey.) The middle and pinkie show the smoother but darker 3-coat version of  Casey.  The glitter from the jelly sandwich was extremely subtle in this dark of a polish, but I liked it anyway. I think it might be easier to just buy a glitter in a wine-colored jelly base, but then again, this was fun!


Zoya has earned a fan. I love the bottles, the formula and the Smoke and Mirrors collection (more on that to come…)

Blogs to read: loodie loodie loodie

October 19, 2011

**Edited: This post got sent to the PAST ooOOoo! but I have recovered it. Alternate timeline theories go!**

And now for something slightly different – a nail care blog! I was thinking that my acetone-based nail polish remover was making my nails peel, when I stumbled on loodie loodie loodie – a nail care blog with a peculiar name.

Miss Loodie (not her name!) is a self-described big nerdy scientist. I like her sciency but goofy approach to things!

I started with learning how to file my nails. First learn about nail files themselves: X-Files.

Then Take Down Length, and pick a shape. I’m trying Round. Since following her directions, I’ve had very few problems.

If you are ever overwhelmed by nail treatments and their various claims, check out her series on Nail Hardeners. Serious science love here.

She also does videos and has a great recipe for acetone-based remover that’s very similar to Zoya Remove+. I’ll let you go to her site and find that one yourself!

Go check it out!

Sale time!

October 17, 2011

I popped on to a few blogs and one of them mentioned a sale over at Holy moly! Essie polishes are just $4! China Glaze for $2.99! Now, when I try to check out, the secure shopping cart isn’t secure, so buy at your own risk. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist, though.

Check out Stephanie’s China Glaze Trendsetter post! But don’t buy it all up before I get mine. ;)


While I’m on a buying spree, can anyone recommend the best base coat? I need a good, smooth base that will protect my nails from stains.


OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight

October 11, 2011

This here’s another eggplant vampy, this time with shimmer! It positively glows in sunlight and it even looks good indoors. Unfortunately, it’s mostly dark on a day like today –  completely overcast. So here’s an indoor pic of OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight, not to be confused with the similar but not shimmery Lincoln Park After Dark.

under a lamp


This is two coats. It is slightly brushstroke-y, but not too bad. It’s a great pedicure polish, in my opinion, and you can wear William Tell Me About OPI on your fingers if you like to closely coordinate but not match.


William Tell Me About OPI

October 10, 2011

Yeah fall! I am going through gallons of Red Rose tea and I just can’t stand the thought of wearing brights…

full sun


This, my friends, is William Tell Me About OPI. It’s the color of a real eggplant and so right for right nowl. I think the picture is accurate, since you can see that it’s very dark on the nail. Some lighting situations show the bottle color, but in most cases it’s very very dark.

After wearing it at work one massively busy day, I touched up the tips using wrapping technique, which I first learned about here, on All Laquered Up. To get rid of tipwear, start on step 2 and then do another topcoat.

I don’t usually use such stopgaps because I love having an excuse to pull out another color. But this one has me under a spell that shows no signs of ending.  *sigh*


Sephora by OPI Caught with my Khakis Down

October 7, 2011

I recently saw SOPI Caught with my Khakis Down on one of my fabulously stylish friends. I begged to know what she was wearing and even though she told me what it was and promised to pick up a bottle for me, I couldn’t wait. I went right out and bought Essie Sew Psyched.


What’s wrong with that?


We met up again finally and she handed over my precious. Let’s see it:




This baby is a lovely sage green or khaki creme. Two coats went on extremely smoothly, though I would recommend throwing topcoat on there to hide my nail ridges. Also, you should always use topcoat if you aren’t going to change your polish for a couple of days.


SOPI CWMKD and Essie Sew Psyched are incredibly similar. Check out the bottles:

reaaaally similar


Pretty much the same color and they both have a tendency to separate unattractively. Don’t let that deter you from picking either of them up though, because:




Look how awesome they both are! I honestly don’t regret having both. The Essie has a very subtle shimmer that does not show up on camera, but it does turn the green ever so slightly more grey. Plus shimmer is fun when you’re in the mood for shimmer, and creme is great when you’re not!


These are a couple of colors I would call “on-trend” and “totally” work-appropriate. Go wild. :P