Essie Sew Psyched

Turns out having a full time job makes it tough to blog!  Whodathunk.

Okay, I’ve wanted to show you Essie Sew Psyched for a while now, but the first two times I put it on, I *had* to take it off immediately. It was so lumpy, so streaky… UGH. I was getting a sneaking suspicion that my Seche Base was to blame since nearly every polish has a terrible first coat on it. And I tried it with the old Sally Hansen Insta-Grip and voila:


natural light


Two coats of lovely application. I am not sad at all that I’ve been wearing this pretty much all week. I’m pretty sure it will go well with lots of skin tones, so if you’re into the “military” green color trend, go for it! Here it is with flash to try to show off the secret silver shimmer:


indoors with flash


I don’t know why the flash made it seem rubbery rather than shiny, and believe me, this polish gets a medal for only having tipwear after the extreme paperwork situations it’s been through. This one is going to be a favorite of mine for quite a while, I can tell!



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