Blogs to read: loodie loodie loodie

**Edited: This post got sent to the PAST ooOOoo! but I have recovered it. Alternate timeline theories go!**

And now for something slightly different – a nail care blog! I was thinking that my acetone-based nail polish remover was making my nails peel, when I stumbled on loodie loodie loodie – a nail care blog with a peculiar name.

Miss Loodie (not her name!) is a self-described big nerdy scientist. I like her sciency but goofy approach to things!

I started with learning how to file my nails. First learn about nail files themselves: X-Files.

Then Take Down Length, and pick a shape. I’m trying Round. Since following her directions, I’ve had very few problems.

If you are ever overwhelmed by nail treatments and their various claims, check out her series on Nail Hardeners. Serious science love here.

She also does videos and has a great recipe for acetone-based remover that’s very similar to Zoya Remove+. I’ll let you go to her site and find that one yourself!

Go check it out!


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2 Responses to “Blogs to read: loodie loodie loodie”

  1. Loodie Says:

    Awww, thanks sweetness! I am so happy to see the posts have helped. Thanks for the blog love!! <3

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