Zoya Casey


Zoya had a BOGO sale for “email insiders” or whatever they call them, and I used the excuse to pick up the famous vampy, Casey.


I seriously love the color and the jelly finish, but it’s pretty streaky at two coats:



But the color! So purply-jelly-delicious! The streaks didn’t bother me that much. I wore it like this for two days (hence tipwear) and hastily took pictures while the sun laughed at me and faded away…


another view


Haha sun. I managed to throw on another coat and do a jelly sandwich. Index and ring are the jelly sandwich (a coat of Confetti Dreamdate between two coats of Zoya Casey.) The middle and pinkie show the smoother but darker 3-coat version of  Casey.  The glitter from the jelly sandwich was extremely subtle in this dark of a polish, but I liked it anyway. I think it might be easier to just buy a glitter in a wine-colored jelly base, but then again, this was fun!


Zoya has earned a fan. I love the bottles, the formula and the Smoke and Mirrors collection (more on that to come…)


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    […] photo doesn’t show the color, but I’m wearing Zoya Casey, my absolute favorite “vampy” color. It’s way overdue for a re-shoot, so […]

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