Essie School of Hard Rocks

I really do love the Essie winter collection, but School of Hard Rocks is my favorite.

full sun

Ahh. So soothing. This is a way greyed-out teal that looks green in some lights and goes on in two buttery coats. My guy picked it out of the bunch as *his* favorite, too. If you like cremes Essie has some gorgeous colors this season. They look fall and winter-y to me but are a soothing break from the vampy colors.



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2 Responses to “Essie School of Hard Rocks”

  1. kat Says:

    i am in love with those types of colors! i am also so sad i have yet to purchase that color for my collection of nail polish! thanks for this wonderful suggestions!! :)

    • mariebeedee Says:

      I can’t recommend this one enough – application was so smooth and it lasts forever on me. Keep an eye out for when it goes on sale! (I got mine in the half-off transdesign sale) :D

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