China Glaze Trendsetter <3

This one is a winner! Not only do I love this color, it got exclamatory compliments on the bus.

indirect light

Two coats will do it, and this baby wore like iron. See how green it looks on me? I had the impression that this was a yellow polish, but not on me. Chartreuse, maybe. With gold shimmer. Which is a gorgeous combination… *sigh*


When you get it into low light, say, moody overhead lighting in fancier restaurants? A reddish microshimmer shows up, almost like a duochrome. The waiter must have questioned my sanity, but I wasn’t able to capture the shimmer. Here’s another photo anyway!



What do you think?



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3 Responses to “China Glaze Trendsetter <3”

  1. kat Says:

    that color looks gorgeous on you! love it!

  2. Latoya Says:

    Hehe, I appreciate you taking photos in random spots, I do it too! Sometimes you just need to capture the ‘moment’ lol

  3. mariebeedee Says:

    kat: thank you! It’s so much greener-looking on me than on Latoya! Here’s a link to her post on it:

    Latoya: I know, doesn’t it seem like the best light is in the weirdest places? It’s so hard to get over my self-consciousness and get the photo though!

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