Zoya Jem

I picked up a couple more Zoya colors thanks to Zoya’s excellent Halloween Treat (do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter – you will get lots of deals this way!)

Zoya Jem! This is a beauty. Two smooth coats of velvety, glittery color. The duochrome flash is stronger in the bottle, but you’ll experience it on the nail as either a nice plummy purple:


Or as a reddish color with gold highlights:


In the bottle there you can see it chrome-ing its way to a bright yellow but it never gets there on my nails. I love this color wholeheartedly. It’s a gorgeous color in the reliable Zoya formula. Could not be happier.

It’s been really hard to get passably decent pictures since all my daylight hours are spent at work – but I will keep trying! If you want another shot of a particular polish, please let me know!


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3 Responses to “Zoya Jem”

  1. kat Says:

    just beautiful! love how the sunlight hits the different angles!

  2. Latoya Says:

    Last year I picked up Zoya’s Valerie, which is very similar to Jem…I had a MAJOR love affair with it – though I haven’t worn it yet this year (too many other shades lol). This reminds me to pull it out of hibernation, colors like this are too gorgeous to hide away! Great pick :)

    • mariebeedee Says:

      I could buy all the shades from Zoya like this… Valerie, Yasmeen.. YES… I know what you mean about too many shades though, ha! I have so many that have only been worn once…

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