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I kinda stopped shopping for nail polish. I guess I felt like I had good representation of the colors that I wanted, so I just kept wearing the colors I already have (approximately *cough* 100 bottles…)

I did, however, keep taking pictures of food, so there’s that. They aren’t necessarily good pictures, fair warning, but they are numerous.

Feeding ourselves is a different sort of hobby. I try to keep up with whatever new ideas on nutrition come about, but don’t you feel like a nutrition claim is no sooner made than refuted?

BUT: There are few food tenets that I have held onto:

1. Whole foods are best, whenever possible.

2. A variety of foods is best, whenever possible.

3. Dude, you deserve the best.

To elaborate on #3, I ask you to peruse Sad Desk Lunch. When I find myself eating food like that, it’s not usually because I’m like, so busy. It’s because I’m not taking care of myself. But we all deserve care, so I’ve resolved to enjoy food, life, and lunch breaks as much as possible.

I also bought a (very easily chipped) new polish. I guess I’m into glitter now? More on that if I can get it accurately photographed.

Lappert's so-called Spumoni

Lappert’s so-called Spumoni


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