Mushroom chicken and browned-butter-thyme squash

Hey, who says you can’t eat well away from home?

My advice? Get an apartment via AirBnB (ymmv) instead of a hotel, and when you’re there, make Browned Butter Butternut Squash, and pair it with chicken on wild rice and sauteed mushrooms.

To sauté mushrooms, I like to slice them fairly thickly. Make sure your pan is pretty hot, whether you’re using butter or oil. (I like to use olive oil with chicken, butter if I’m putting them on steak.) The hardest part is to avoid stirring too much. I find that they don’t brown very easily if they’re moved too frequently. Once they’re brown to your liking, deglaze the pan with white wine, stir in some chopped parsley maybe, and enjoy!


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