Pork Chops Sous Vide

Is pork a mainstay protein for you? It’s not a meat I think to pick up. A and I tried making pork chops for the first time recently. Since they have a bad reputation for being dry, we used the sous vide technique. (We received a Sous Vide Supreme as a gift and have been using it for everything.)

To sum it up, I was surprised and pleased with the result! I think pork will be joining our menu a little more often…


The flavor here is all chop. We added no seasoning other than salt and pepper, vacuum sealed it, tossed it into a 57 degree C (135F) water oven, and left it for a couple of hours while we ran around.

When we were nearly ready to eat, I tossed some kale sprouts (new Trader Joe’s item) with olive oil and stuck them in the broiler until they started to brown, then seared the chops in a bit of butter heated until just before it started to smoke. A couple of minutes on each side is all you need – which is good because any longer would set off the smoke alarm!


For sides:
To the kale/brussels sprouts that are nicely toasty, add some caramelized onions that you have on hand in the freezer (you do, don’t you? If not, buy some onions and follow these directions so your weeknight vegetable or lunchtime sandwich can have a touch of sweet/savory whenever you’d like.) Another classic side for pork is “dirty” corn, which is creamed corn that you fry a bit in the browned butter right after you remove your pork chop from it. It is gooooooood, trust me.


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One Response to “Pork Chops Sous Vide”

  1. StefanGourmet Says:

    You are so right about finally getting juicy pork by cooking it sous-vide. It even works for chicken breast! 57C/135F is a great temperature, which I’ve also used successfully for 48 hours on tougher cuts of pork to get them so tender and still juicy.

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