Shishito pepper snack


These little shishito peppers came in my CSA box from Farm Fresh to You (the code MARI2172 will get you $10 off and get me a $25 credit, but I expect everybody who wants to do this has already signed up). I tried them a bunch of different ways, and they were all good, but this quick “dry” fry was the best!

Add a good tablespoon or two of oil to a hot pan (canola, grapeseed, olive – just be careful of the smoke point), add the peppers and a substantial sprinkling of salt, and cook until blistered, stirring frequently. Voila! A snack that tastes excellent with beer. Grab them by the stem, bite off the pepper part, and stack your stems next to your beer coaster as proof of your mighty conquest.

I think I paired them with a Stone IPA. Let me know if any other combinations are outstanding. :)


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