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Kiss Halloween nail strips

October 30, 2014

These were fun! I could not pass them up in Walgreens… in September.

I waited until October to wear them, even though it was difficult for me! (Though secretly I was stoked that I’d picked them up when I did because they disappeared in two weeks.)


These simply press on like a sticker, then you file the edge smooth. They smell/feel like polish, but the tipwear is a little bit worse in my opinion. Here’s my stumpy thumb so you can see the pattern.


I really like these! Even though I’m not a big fan of the funky French manicure aspect, I would buy again. Anyone else try these for Halloween?


Orly Goth at the club

September 10, 2011

Yes, I went to a Goth club. I figured I should dress appropriately.

Orly Goth:


Black creme with irregularly-sized silver glitter. It looks like stars in the sky. Two easy coats provide full coverage, but you’re not going to get it off that easily! Those glitter pieces seemed like they’d never come off.

This one comes with a conundrum. I applied topcoat to smooth the surface and add shine, but a lot of the glitter seemed to disappear! The picture shows two coats of Goth with one coat of topcoat, and an additional layer of Goth on top for the sparklies. I suggest that method if you’re going for longevity, but if you plan to take the color off in a couple days, skip the topcoat.

What would you go for, high shine or more glitter?