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ShortNChic Miss Universe GIVEAWAY

October 29, 2011

Hey – Stephanie is feeling giving again – you could win a full set of OPI’s Miss Universe collection! Here’s a promo image:



But you should check out Stephanie’s blog or maybe Scrangie’s post on the subject for a real idea of these sparkly beauties. Deadline is Halloween, so enter soon!


OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight

October 11, 2011

This here’s another eggplant vampy, this time with shimmer! It positively glows in sunlight and it even looks good indoors. Unfortunately, it’s mostly dark on a day like today –  completely overcast. So here’s an indoor pic of OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight, not to be confused with the similar but not shimmery Lincoln Park After Dark.

under a lamp


This is two coats. It is slightly brushstroke-y, but not too bad. It’s a great pedicure polish, in my opinion, and you can wear William Tell Me About OPI on your fingers if you like to closely coordinate but not match.


William Tell Me About OPI

October 10, 2011

Yeah fall! I am going through gallons of Red Rose tea and I just can’t stand the thought of wearing brights…

full sun


This, my friends, is William Tell Me About OPI. It’s the color of a real eggplant and so right for right nowl. I think the picture is accurate, since you can see that it’s very dark on the nail. Some lighting situations show the bottle color, but in most cases it’s very very dark.

After wearing it at work one massively busy day, I touched up the tips using wrapping technique, which I first learned about here, on All Laquered Up. To get rid of tipwear, start on step 2 and then do another topcoat.

I don’t usually use such stopgaps because I love having an excuse to pull out another color. But this one has me under a spell that shows no signs of ending.  *sigh*


OPI Got the Blues for Red

October 2, 2011

I love this red. LOVE it. I picked it up and hated how it looked in the bottle (and retail establishments always seem to have fluorescent lights, which are death to a lovely vampy red anyway.) Nevertheless, I knew I would love it on the nail. Here are two coats of OPI Got the Blues for Red:


overcast :)


This stuff really looks like blood when you get a bead on your brush. Wait, that might gross you out.

It’s an excellent color! First coat goes on really pink-blue, next coat leaves you with a glassy, blood red jelly finish. This has no topcoat, it’s a shiny, shiny demon all on its own.

This is part of what I consider “work-appropriate.” How about you? 

OPI What’s With the Cattitude

August 27, 2011

I had my boyfriend pick my next polish after the Gray Suede debacle. I still can’t decide if I should try Gray Suede again. But this! This I love.

full sun


Love love love. Sky blue creme, formula is pretty decent.  I would say this picture looks a tiny bit brighter than the polish actually is.  Three coats.




This is after a couple days of wear and it seems to be going strong. I purchased it on impulse, thinking it was a sky blue with delicate shimmer. When I found out it was a creme I thought I was going to hate it, but I don’t.  I love how clean it makes my hands look. *sigh* I might need to find some Jordan almonds now.