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Orly Rockin Rockette

November 9, 2011

I picked this Orly mini up on a whim at the drugstore… but I was happy I did!


Seen here posed with my favorite matte lipstick, Nars Funny Face. I have to say I love the rubbery packaging, it holds up pretty well to my purse.

Rockette is a raspberry color with a ton of gold or bronze shimmer. The glitter really tones down the berry shade and the final effect is a dark red. I love it for winter. Two coats. The first coat will freak you out with a bright berry look, but the second coat and all subsequent look like this.

another angle

What I really like it for is a pedi. It’s a great coordinating color for those toes. I don’t know about you, but I get way less interested in toe polish in the winter, so it’s nice to have a color like this to fall back on.


Orly Goth at the club

September 10, 2011

Yes, I went to a Goth club. I figured I should dress appropriately.

Orly Goth:


Black creme with irregularly-sized silver glitter. It looks like stars in the sky. Two easy coats provide full coverage, but you’re not going to get it off that easily! Those glitter pieces seemed like they’d never come off.

This one comes with a conundrum. I applied topcoat to smooth the surface and add shine, but a lot of the glitter seemed to disappear! The picture shows two coats of Goth with one coat of topcoat, and an additional layer of Goth on top for the sparklies. I suggest that method if you’re going for longevity, but if you plan to take the color off in a couple days, skip the topcoat.

What would you go for, high shine or more glitter?

Orly went on sale…

September 9, 2011

So look at this beaut! Orly La Playa:

full sun


This is three coats, which I needed for even coverage. The formula was pretty watery but not unworkable. I love this color so hard – and the boyfriend said “gorgeous!” when he saw it. I find it doesn’t really look purple as much as navy blue on me, but some people put it in the blurple category. Orly was $6.99 at CVS and this one came with a free mini Top2Bottom. Score!


Stay tuned for more Orly! I’ve got a loaner computer and will try to keep up.   :)