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China Glaze Trendsetter <3

November 13, 2011

This one is a winner! Not only do I love this color, it got exclamatory compliments on the bus.

indirect light

Two coats will do it, and this baby wore like iron. See how green it looks on me? I had the impression that this was a yellow polish, but not on me. Chartreuse, maybe. With gold shimmer. Which is a gorgeous combination… *sigh*


When you get it into low light, say, moody overhead lighting in fancier restaurants? A reddish microshimmer shows up, almost like a duochrome. The waiter must have questioned my sanity, but I wasn’t able to capture the shimmer. Here’s another photo anyway!



What do you think?



Orly Rockin Rockette

November 9, 2011

I picked this Orly mini up on a whim at the drugstore… but I was happy I did!


Seen here posed with my favorite matte lipstick, Nars Funny Face. I have to say I love the rubbery packaging, it holds up pretty well to my purse.

Rockette is a raspberry color with a ton of gold or bronze shimmer. The glitter really tones down the berry shade and the final effect is a dark red. I love it for winter. Two coats. The first coat will freak you out with a bright berry look, but the second coat and all subsequent look like this.

another angle

What I really like it for is a pedi. It’s a great coordinating color for those toes. I don’t know about you, but I get way less interested in toe polish in the winter, so it’s nice to have a color like this to fall back on.

OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight

October 11, 2011

This here’s another eggplant vampy, this time with shimmer! It positively glows in sunlight and it even looks good indoors. Unfortunately, it’s mostly dark on a day like today –  completely overcast. So here’s an indoor pic of OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight, not to be confused with the similar but not shimmery Lincoln Park After Dark.

under a lamp


This is two coats. It is slightly brushstroke-y, but not too bad. It’s a great pedicure polish, in my opinion, and you can wear William Tell Me About OPI on your fingers if you like to closely coordinate but not match.


Sephora by OPI Caught with my Khakis Down

October 7, 2011

I recently saw SOPI Caught with my Khakis Down on one of my fabulously stylish friends. I begged to know what she was wearing and even though she told me what it was and promised to pick up a bottle for me, I couldn’t wait. I went right out and bought Essie Sew Psyched.


What’s wrong with that?


We met up again finally and she handed over my precious. Let’s see it:




This baby is a lovely sage green or khaki creme. Two coats went on extremely smoothly, though I would recommend throwing topcoat on there to hide my nail ridges. Also, you should always use topcoat if you aren’t going to change your polish for a couple of days.


SOPI CWMKD and Essie Sew Psyched are incredibly similar. Check out the bottles:

reaaaally similar


Pretty much the same color and they both have a tendency to separate unattractively. Don’t let that deter you from picking either of them up though, because:




Look how awesome they both are! I honestly don’t regret having both. The Essie has a very subtle shimmer that does not show up on camera, but it does turn the green ever so slightly more grey. Plus shimmer is fun when you’re in the mood for shimmer, and creme is great when you’re not!


These are a couple of colors I would call “on-trend” and “totally” work-appropriate. Go wild. :P


Essie Sew Psyched

October 6, 2011

Turns out having a full time job makes it tough to blog!  Whodathunk.

Okay, I’ve wanted to show you Essie Sew Psyched for a while now, but the first two times I put it on, I *had* to take it off immediately. It was so lumpy, so streaky… UGH. I was getting a sneaking suspicion that my Seche Base was to blame since nearly every polish has a terrible first coat on it. And I tried it with the old Sally Hansen Insta-Grip and voila:


natural light


Two coats of lovely application. I am not sad at all that I’ve been wearing this pretty much all week. I’m pretty sure it will go well with lots of skin tones, so if you’re into the “military” green color trend, go for it! Here it is with flash to try to show off the secret silver shimmer:


indoors with flash


I don’t know why the flash made it seem rubbery rather than shiny, and believe me, this polish gets a medal for only having tipwear after the extreme paperwork situations it’s been through. This one is going to be a favorite of mine for quite a while, I can tell!


Essie Over the Edge

September 25, 2011

I love this dark, shimmery color.

artificial light


Essie Over the Edge, 3 coats. I feel like if you like hematite, you will love this polish. I think it also looks like black pearls. You know how they can have a pink or green cast to them? Indoor light seems to bring this out.




I don’t know if it shows up in this photo or not, but I tried! I do love these dark colors with a bit of shimmer to go on short nails. By the way, this one was called Over the Top before the retail release. It appears to be the exact same color, though.


Sally Hansen Pixel Pretty

September 12, 2011

I picked this one up a really long time ago, but I’ve been seeing the HD polishes in CVS’ clearance bin for 75% off. Here’s Pixel Pretty, swatched over an opaque creme, three coats:


It’s a little brush-strokey, very sheer, and to be honest? A little disappointing. I don’t know what I expected – probably the insane chrome look that the Sally Hansen display showed. But I like to put one coat of some Insta-Dri on my toes and throw this one on top for some shimmer. Brush strokes don’t bother me as much when they’re far away, you know?

Mannequin toes?

September 2, 2011

Mannequin-hands: a term born of the popularity of taupes and other brown shades for makeup and nails. I admit it’s a pretty fun challenge to find the shade that makes you look like this:

pale plasticky hand of a mannequin

whoa, cuticles!

But I think I prefer more color for my hands.

Essie Sand Tropez is pretty close to my MH shade, so one of my favorite pedicures is Sand Tropez + shimmer. No, I’m not going to take a picture of my foot. My sister has an irrational foot hatred. Start here:

shade, 3 coats

Then add something sparkly. Here’s Confetti Dreamdate on my seldom-seen, much maligned, sad and square thumb:


Have you picked up any Confetti polishes yet? They are $1.99 (most of the time) and all of the ones I’ve tried so far have been awesome. I pop one layer of Dreamdate over everything if I’m feeling glittery.

And results:

full sun

The Goldspun Opal is a Sally Hansen Fire Opal “Nail Glaze” that I bought on a whim a million years ago.

bottle pic

Yes, I was a silly youth and bought this streaky duochrome in its opaque bottle. Okay, it’s streaky but I love it. It’s always flashing green and it really warms up the sand color. But about opaque bottles – they are misleading, see Milani Rad Purple for example. The Goldspun Opal isn’t really pink at all, it’s gold and green.

But I digress, try this neutral with depth for a summer pedi that goes with everything but doesn’t bore you from 5 feet (or more) away!

Revlon Gray Suede

August 26, 2011

I want to get into the taupe-y shade trend, I really do. But most of the grey ones look like a sickly purple on me, and I wanted a tiny bit of shimmer to offset the mannequin-hand effect. Along came Revlon Gray Suede:

full sun


While I think the shade works for the trend, I’m not sold on it yet. Not to mention this was three streaky, bubbly coats. I didn’t do anything to deserve those bubbles that I know of. I like the shimmer – tiny silver pieces. I didn’t like that either the topcoat darkened it or it dried with some pink patches. I don’t know why, but it hardly shows on camera.


dappled shade


And here’s something crazy – I didn’t use the slimline technique, but – does this polish make my nails look fat? Ugh, it just feels weird. I’m probably biased by the application, and the fact that I don’t like the bottle design, and also that I type “Revlong” nearly every time… maybe it’s time to say so long, Revlong… gah!