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Essie Clambake and Whales

September 5, 2011

Remember how I promised to update you on an animal-themed piece of clothing sort of similar to the ones Stephanie at Short ‘n Chic likes?

I found it on sale for $8:

Photo from Urban Outfitters

But they only had medium. And, to understate it, the top didn’t fit. With a little bit of amateur hour at the sewing machine, voila!

the dog likes cameras

To do something similar for yourself, fold, pin, iron, cut, then sew.  It won’t be even but mostly only you will know.

I decided I needed Essie Clambake, a gorgeous orangey-red jelly:

oo jelly

It has great formula, but like most jellies, you’re going to have VNL unless you put a creme underneath. This is one rather thick coat of Sand Tropez (allowed to dry for a long time) and three coats of Clambake. I love this color! It also goes pretty perfectly with Sephora’s lipstick in It Girl. Sephora’s Rouge Cream lipsticks are okay, especially for $12, but they have a weird shape and a pretty strong smell. Here’s my It Girl smirk:

heehee, matching

Try not to laugh. Now to celebrate with a frosty soft drink that happens to match:


It was a good day.