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October Challenge Update

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!! Bet you’re thinking I didn’t make my October goal. Wrong!


Plans change, eh?

My initial idea of riding my bike for mental health was that I could hop on my bike after work and ride for about 30 minutes, 3 times a week. When I tried to put this in practice, I found that it was far too dark to ride after work, even darker before work, and that my weekends were filled with prior obligations that precluded bicycling. HOWEVER, I decided to include stationary bike miles! I hate the stationary bike, but it’s been really nice to be able to go to the gym at work when I can’t ride at home. I’m trying to be flexible with myself – bipolar people can sure get hung up on little things. I count this as a big victory. Also I got one nice ride in the rain, so there.


Yes, I look this dorky. Always.

It’s the end of Depression Awareness month, and I have one last little tip. If there’s someone in your life that you want to send a little love but don’t know how, the way I prefer it is a note/text/email saying “thinking about you!” without any expectation of response. One of those little things it’s easy to get hung up on is how behind you are on responding to email, calls, etc. Telling someone that you appreciate them even when they aren’t feeling well enough to be with you – that’s a a beautiful thing. Be well, everyone! It’s going to be a great holiday season!






October – Depression awareness and a fitness challenge

October 10, 2014

First off, why am I blogging about nail polish and food and now riding my bike? Because it makes me feel better. I know the things that come out here are a little random, and certainly written as casually as is possible. But October is Depression and Anxiety Awareness month, and I’m going to say right here that writing these posts has been part of a deliberate plan to combat a creeping depression. I’m diagnosed bipolar II and am doing ok now, but one of the reasons October is a good time to discuss mental health is that the dwindling daylight can trigger depressive symptoms and Seasonal Affective Disorder in some (namely me!) and I take the responsibilities of being neurodiverse seriously.

I’ve had fun maintaining this thought-dump blog that represents a teeny tiny sliver of the things that distract me, and now I’m going to add a fitness challenge to further boost my mental armor. I will ride my bike 40 miles in October, using Runkeeper to track my progress. This did not seem like a very ambitious goal, but I’m a week behind now… Essentially, I plan to try to get out there three times a week, which is great for my mental and physical health. The big question is, if I make it, what should be my reward?!

So much this

March 15, 2014

R.I.P. Laptop

September 6, 2011

The screen is black and it computes no more. What does this mean for Mariebeedee’s adventures in blogging? Will this die in its infancy? All is unknown in a time when cameras chew through batteries and college drains both time and money…

Origin Story

August 20, 2011

Hello, world!

Why am I starting a blog?

To keep myself amused, I guess.

About my interests:

nail polish:

Really I’m justifying my recent purchases by taking pictures of them.  I’m buying this for the blog, you see.


I like the chemical high that results when I stagger out a couple miles.  I still won’t do it unless I get to use Runkeeper, though.


I planted a few herbs and tomato plants a couple of summers ago.  Herbs are completely worth it, see cooking.  Other plants?  Jury’s out.


Having fresh herbs right outside my door inspired me to cook with them.  Delicious dishes!  How delightful.  Really though, I like to pursue my personal idea of the perfect version of a dish – look for recipes and links to recipes to come.


It’s hard to type because my mutt is resting her head on my left arm.  Do I move her?  Obviously not.  I have no willpower.


In my opinion, my eyesight is terrible because I read so much.  Not that I’ll stop.  And yes, I was that kid who enjoyed the assigned reading in school.  Usually.

Enough ramble!