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Blogs to read: Scrangie

October 13, 2014

Scrangie. Of course Scrangie. So much so that it’s probably silly to write about why you should read Scrangie since everyone already does! But I’ll do it anyway, because maybe, just maybe, there’s a noob out there who doesn’t realize all that Scrangie has to offer.

Here’s why her blog is the ultimate nail polish blog:

-Pictures. Ok, she has perfect nails. They are long and pretty and even when they are shortish they are long and pretty. Ugh! And the photos she takes are always nice and crisp.

-The archives go on nearly forever.

-She reviews many brands that I hadn’t even heard of.

-She’s opinionated and not afraid to say when she hates something.

-She writes excellent color and formula descriptions accompany every opinion.

-There are video game references hiding everywhere!

Same is true of everything she reviews: makeup, perfume, lotions.

I also wanted to send her awesome happy internet vibes since it’s her blog that first told me about Depression Awareness month in October. I love her openness – it helps me have the courage to talk about it myself. Hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!


ShortNChic Miss Universe GIVEAWAY

October 29, 2011

Hey – Stephanie is feeling giving again – you could win a full set of OPI’s Miss Universe collection! Here’s a promo image:



But you should check out Stephanie’s blog or maybe Scrangie’s post on the subject for a real idea of these sparkly beauties. Deadline is Halloween, so enter soon!

Blogs to Read: Polish or Perish

September 4, 2011

I think there are approximately a million reasons to read Polish or Perish, but the contributors would probably want me to cite my sources. So here’s some specifics:

-There are 7 contributors, and they all take great photos

-They’ve included a handy drop-down menu on the sidebar so you can search their archive

-They’ve also allowed you to sort by contributor, which is great if you want to see how a bunch of different polishes look on one person

-Because they have 7 contributors, they have a lot of variety.  Let me break this one down.

  • Nail lengths: as of this post, ilexica has the longest nails and Piff has the shortest, with the rest of the contributors in between
  • Skin tone: I love when Piff and kittytokaren talk about how a particular color is influenced by their skin tone – it has been highly educational to realize that my skin color will sometimes turn a grey to purple, just like kittytokaren describes. Piff makes very straightforward comments when she thinks a color doesn’t work for her.
  • Taste: While everyone likes polish, they don’t all gravitate toward the same colors, finishes, or brands. You’ll see pretty much everything – subtle sheers, neutrals, neons, holos, drugstore, designer – and if you like a contributor’s taste, the sidebar I mentioned makes it easy to read through her archive and duplicate her collection ;)
It’s great one-stop shopping put together by some brilliant people.

Blogs to read: Short ‘n Chic

August 22, 2011

Why do I love Stephanie of Short ‘n Chic? If I had to pick one thing, I would say that she is the only polish blogger who regularly makes me laugh. But what’s not to love? She and I both love to wear short nails in vampy shades.  She’s not locked into that, though, as proven by her collection of taupes (OPI Tickle My France-y is her “favey-fave.”) She even has her own lexicon, and believe me, she has enough of her own terms to need it.


pup approves


I like hearing about her kitties and her adventures as a coffeeholic barista, but I have one problem: every gorgeous  polish she models looks completely different on me. Wah! Even so, she’s my favey-fave for sure!

Short ‘n Chic is property of this lady. I’m just telling you why I like it, as I will try to do for every blog I recommend.